About Me Glenn Birkelev

Who am I?

A working professional with a passion for photography that has lasted over 20 years by now


Singapore based photographer Born and raised in Denmark; I got exposed to photography early on in my life. Son of a father who used to have a dark chamber in the basement of my childhood home of Esbjerg, Denmark. I got introduced to film camera early on. My attention to taking pictures was not great in the early days. I was more interested in the outcome of the photo.  

In 2007 I purchased my first DSLR. It was an Olympus E-300 and I got it in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My first journey with the camera was on auto mode and taking pictures at our family gatherings. Sometimes I also brought the camera to friends events and parties. Soon I started appreciating the art of photography and capturing a moment. 

I ended up moving to Singapore in 2010, where I purchased an upgrade to my old camera. I purchased a Canon EOS 550D. That camera became my trusted companion for many travels around the world. During this time I also started taking more courses through Canon Imaging Academy. These helped me upgrade the quality of my pictures, framing, post-processing and more.

What am I doing now?

I am working as a full time professional in the hectic corporate world in Singapore. During my time off I still enjoy bringing out my camera, when I have a chance. It has become a passion of mine and something I am now wanting to turn into a profession. I have always enjoyed Landscape photography, but have found joy in taking photos of Singapore and its surrounding countries where the focus has been CityScape, Nature, Animals and People Interest shots.

Through my work, I have hosted a couple of photography outings for beginners because many people want to learn more about photography and how to use their DSLR’s. These outings have sparked the passion I have for helping others and I would love to see you at the next photography tour around Singapore. 

What I am looking for?

If you are interested in learning more about photography at a basic level, please Contact me. I am now ready to take on the world of photography on a more serious level and looking to the great people of Singapore to help me help you. if you need outdoor portraits, profile shots, brand design shots, storefront, and interior shots as well as travel photography I am open for business.